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Why Lisa McPherson is Dead

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When you are a scientologist, you believe that good auditing always produces good results.  In fact, when someone has bad results from auditing, it is always because there is something wrong with that person, or the auditing was not done properly.  That’s right.   Let review:

1. If auditing goes well, it is due to brilliance of L. Ron Hubbard.

2. If auditing goes poorly, the person receiving the auditing must have something wrong with them.  This could be a variety of things, but most commonly it’s their evil purposes, hidden crimes or knowing connection to someone who isn’t fully on board with operation “Clear the Planet”.

3. Or, if auditing goes poorly, the auditing was not done properly.  Technically, if the auditor failed to detect the problem with the person being audited, that was imperfect auditing, so in the case of number 2 above, it’s actually the auditor’s fault as well.

NEVER could it possibly be that auditing does not always produce 100% positive results.  NEVER, if auditing resulted in something not 100% positive, a psychotic episode for example, could this possibly be because auditing doesn’t uniformly produce 100% positive results.

Auditing produces 100% positive results.  Got it?  Good.

In Transcendental Meditation, people reportedly can have some really negative results from prolonged meditation.  I’m talking severe muscle spasms, a spaced-out feeling that persists indefinitely, and other things one wouldn’t want.  To an objective observer, it’s obvious that these people need a break from meditating for hours per day.  Let’s cut it back, right?  Wrong!  These people are instead encouraged to continue.  They are told it’s a good thing that these things are happening and that by continuing, they will make progress.  “Something good is happening!” they cheerfully opine while the poor guy winces in pain.

Similarly, in scientology, when something isn’t going right, it is said that something has “turned on” and the only thing that will turn it off is to continue.

It’s interesting to read about how L. Ron dealt with some of this madness in the early days.  Here’s an excerpt from a book he wrote in the early 50’s:

“It is not uncommon to find the preclear (who is the thetan) quite raving mad under the false ‘veneer’ of social and educational stimulus-response training. And… that the preclear, while behaving quite normally in the Body-Plus-Thetan state, becomes irrational in the course of auditing. But despite this, the preclear is actually being far more sane and rational than ever before. And the moment he discovers himself as himself, as the source of energy and personality and beingness of a body, he becomes physically and mentally better. Thus an auditor must not be dismayed at the course of tone, but should simply perservere until he has the thetan up into rational range. A raving mad thetan is far more sane than a normal human being. But then, as you audit, observe it for yourself.”

— LRH, Scientology: 8-80, page 94

This type of encouragement to continue despite what one is seeing in the person you are trying to help, to continue confidently trusting that the techniques you’ve been trained in work all the time, this is what killed Lisa McPherson.  It’s not that the people didn’t care, it’s that they believed.  And when things got so bad that their belief was shaken, they were quite fearful of suggesting that it wasn’t working.  In fact, she had to be unresponsive and seemingly dying for some time (approximately 3 days) before finally someone said “this isn’t working!” and tried to get her help.

Too late for Lisa.  Not too late for you or your loved ones.  If you haven’t yet, maybe it’s time to stand up and say “This isn’t working!”


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August 12, 2011 at 3:00 am

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